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In Japan, robots will soon park vehicles

This could be useful at malls and car factories

These valet robots lift your car and wheel it toward a parking slot. PHOTO FROM STANLEY ROBOTICS

Even in technologically advanced countries like Japan, finding a parking spot in a mall or any commercial center can be a chore. In fact, the country has come up with various intelligent parking technologies to help solve this problem. Sadly, with the growing number of vehicles on the road, these advancements aren’t enough. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has realized this and asked for the help of Stanley Robotics.

Stanley Robotics is a French-backed startup that specializes in automated valet-parking systems. It utilizes autonomous handling robots that provide convenience while maximizing space. This is already used at some French and British airports. The same robots can be applied in automotive manufacturing plants that need to move a lot of units from production to storage areas.

Just imagine a bunch of these robots shuttling cars at a stockyard. PHOTO FROM STANLEY ROBOTICS

By combining MHI’s expertise in mechanical parking garages and Stanley Robotics’s automated valet-parking solution, spaces can be maximized with little need for additional manpower. For vehicle logistics, these technologies work 24/7, helping improve efficiency and addressing the shortage of skilled drivers while providing safe transport of finished vehicles at a fraction of the cost.

Right now, MHI and Stanley Robotics are testing Japan’s first automated valet-parking system. Once completed, this can be employed at more establishments like malls, amusement parks, ports, and motor pools.

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