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The Hyundai Ioniq 5 gets a mild cosmetic update

Revised exterior reduces aerodynamic drag

Hyundai's quirky approach to EVs started with the Ioniq 5. PHOTO FROM HYUNDAI

As far as Hyundai’s battery-powered range is concerned, the Ioniq 5 has been a resounding success. Not only has the model been received well in various markets including ours, but it has also been used as a test bed for upcoming automotive technologies. Keeping this car relevant for years to come is important, so the South Korean automaker has just given its slab-sided EV some mild updates.

We wonder why Hyundai chose not to equip the Ioniq 5 with a rear wiper in the first place. PHOTOS FROM HYUNDAI

For starters, the standard Ioniq 5 gets revised front and rear bumpers, and redesigned alloy wheels. In order to reduce aerodynamic drag, the digital side mirrors have been reshaped, and the spoiler has been lengthened by 50mm. Owners can finally see out the back window during rainy days as the Ioniq 5 now has a much-needed rear wiper.

Making the Ioniq 5 more usable for long journeys is its new 84kWh battery pack. Driving range has increased from 458km to 485km, while charging times remain the same for the 350kW fast charger.

Will digital side mirrors eventually replace traditional ones? PHOTO FROM HYUNDAI

The cabin also has some updates that enhance the user experience. Certain features can now be accessed by physical buttons, and the infotainment system runs on new software that can accept over-the-air updates for vehicle functions. Furthermore, new frequency-sensitive dampers improve overall ride comfort.

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