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Suzuki Big Bikers Club of the Philippines turns 10

With more than 100 members so far

There's a wide variety of Suzuki models within the club. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

Riding clubs are a vital cog of motorcycle culture. While there are many who prefer to ride solo or in their own circle of friends, many more prefer to ride within a community.

Part of it is being able to ride the same kind of bike or brand as other members, and there’s also having the same shared values and camaraderie that make riding both a lifestyle and a brotherhood (or sisterhood, too).

The club has enabled many couples to literally and figuratively get closer together through riding. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

The Suzuki Big Bikers Club of the Philippines was formed in 2014 by its first president, Edwin Cua, in partnership with Wheeltek Nationwide Corporation. This was also the first year that Wheeltek sold large-displacement motorcycles, and the formation of the SBB further cemented the deep relationship between Suzuki and the Wheeltek group.

Today, while there are many riding clubs large and small—some of which may have already dissolved or gone through troubled times—the Suzuki Big Bikers Club is riding strong with over 100 active members.

A point-based system helps ensure the longevity of the club. One cannot simply pay a fee to become a certified member. Instead, you earn points by joining organized rides until you have enough to earn your membership.

Joey Salavarria, division head for Suzuki’s motorcycle sales and marketing, leads the induction of the club's new officers. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

With a diverse lineup of sport, maxi scooters, adventure, roadster, and touring bikes in the Suzuki lineup, it’s no surprise that there’s no single model exclusively ridden by the members.

Some ride the SV650, others ride the GSX-S1000, while others (particularly those with spouses as back riders) go with the V-Strom. The club’s activities through the years have involved charity rides, and also to spread awareness of safety on the road.

A whole day of riding and some fun under the sun are perks of being a member. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

To celebrate a decade of riding, the Suzuki Big Bikers Club rode from Manila to Baguio, then down to Thunderbird Resorts in La Union. Dinner and a simple program showing the club’s activities through the years followed, along with the induction of the club’s new officers.

While Cua has relinquished the leadership role, he is staying on as a consultant. The club’s new officers are Joey Oriola (president), Marvin Chua (vice president), Mhae Javier (officer-in-charge), and Ronald Marcaida (treasurer).

Here’s hoping the club keeps growing for yet another 10 years, and spreads the joy and responsibility of riding on two wheels.

Andy Leuterio

Andy is both an avid cyclist and a car enthusiast who has finally made the shift to motorcycles. You've probably seen him on his bicycle or motorbike overtaking your crawling car. He is our motorcycle editor and the author of the ‘Quickshift’ column.