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A Toyota Land Cruiser is going viral for conquering deep floodwaters

The daring motoring feat isn’t for the fainthearted

This Land Cruiser is fondly called ‘Lolo’ by its owner, if we understood correctly. PHOTO FROM BRYLLE SANDIKO

Let’s say you own a very capable and extremely reliable sport-utility vehicle like an old Toyota Land Cruiser. And let’s say you’re traveling to a far-flung destination in it. Then suddenly it rains really hard. No worries, right? After all, even knee-high floodwater is nothing to your tried-and-tested road warrior.

A little water on the road? Hah! Big deal. SCREENSHOT FROM BRYLLE SANDIKO

That’s exactly what Brylle Sandiko encountered recently on a journey from Tuguegarao to Ilocos Norte. He and his partner thought the water would remain manageable. Until they reached Claveria in Cagayan, upon which they realized they were now dealing with a potentially catastrophic deluge.

Okay, this is getting serious. What to do? SCREENSHOTS FROM BRYLLE SANDIKO

As much as he wanted to turn back, Brylle also wasn’t sure if flooding was even worse in places they had just passed. So he decided to just carry on, hoping and praying they would safely make it to shallow ground. At some point, water was already as high as the Land Cruiser’s windshield and had in fact breached the vehicle’s cabin.

Guys, it's alright to scream in terror now. SCREENSHOTS FROM BRYLLE SANDIKO

Brylle kept his cool. Maybe it helped knowing his ride had a snorkel, which, he later noted, was very much worth whatever he had paid for it. Sure, he would admit in a Facebook post afterward that he felt really nervous throughout the aquatic ordeal, but he didn’t panic.

The vehicle owner continues to drive like everything is all fine. Incredible focus. SCREENSHOT FROM BRYLLE SANDIKO

Needless to say, the couple managed to successfully cross the raging floodwaters—to the astonishment of bystanders who probably thought they were stupid for having done so.

Were the people impressed or appalled? SCREENSHOT FROM BRYLLE SANDIKO

Brylle has since shared a sweet photo of his partner helping him clean and restore his trusty Land Cruiser.

The Land Cruiser deserves a thorough detail job and a complete mechanical check. PHOTO FROM BRYLLE SANDIKO

The footage of this incredible adventure has now received more than two million views as we write this, and been shared nearly 50,000 times. Some are criticizing Brylle for subjecting themselves and the vehicle to such torture, pointing out that they could have contracted flood-related diseases like leptospirosis and that the Land Cruiser must now need serious repairs for possible damage to its engine and electrical components.

We say drop it, guys. Let’s just be happy they’re safe. Besides, decades from now, they’ll look back to the incident and laugh their heads off. The once-in-a-lifetime experience—together with the priceless memories that come with it—will be worth so much more than even a brand-new luxury SUV can command.

NOTE: A reader has sent us a message insisting that the location of the flood in the photos is the municipality of Abulug in Cagayan. We can’t confirm this for ourselves as we’re not familiar with the place, but the author of the post clearly said it was Claveria. Apologies for the confusion.

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