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This one photo shows the importance of child seats in cars

Apparently, there’s still a debate on the matter. It should end now

Believe it or not, child seats in motor vehicles still aren’t mandatory in the Philippines. As we write this, Congress has just passed a bill seeking to require motorists to install the safety equipment if they are to transport small kids. Because the bill will still go through the Senate—and knowing how our lawmakers love sitting on issues that truly make a difference in people’s lives—we can only assume that we will have to wait some more before we can even catch a whiff of the President’s ink formalizing this into law. And that’s even assuming our brilliant senators will bless us with their collective nod.

In case our honorable solons still need further proof of the importance of child seats in cars, may we show them this photograph shared on Facebook by Jenna Casado Rabberman. Here, take a look…

Two small boys survived this serious car crash, thanks to their sturdy child seats. PHOTO FROM JENNA CASADO RABBERMAN

Here’s what she said in the caption:

I’m not one to post anything too heavy or personal on Facebook, but guys…THIS is why you buckle your kids into their car seats correctly every SINGLE time. Even when they scream because the straps are tight. Even when they complain about the chest clip or being rear-facing. We stopped for milk on the way home from preschool yesterday. We were minutes from home. Another car slammed into us. You never think it will happen to you. My boys escaped without a scratch, but the paramedics told me it could have been very different had I not taken the extra two minutes to be sure they were buckled correctly. I will be fine, my kids are fine, everything else can be replaced. Sending thanks to God for keeping us safe.

The paramedics told me it could have been very different had I not taken the extra two minutes to be sure [my boys] were buckled correctly

That mess of crumpled metal, by the way, used to be a 2015 Honda CR-V, which even had a name (Yoshi). Can you picture your family being inside of that, with two little boys aged (nearly) three years and six weeks? God forbid.

The brunt of the impact may have been absorbed by the car’s front part, but believe us when we say this kind of force usually sends objects flying inside the cabin—yes, including human beings not properly secured.

As you might imagine, the photo immediately went viral. And people started sending Jenna private messages asking about the exact product details of the child seats. According to her, the infant seat was a Chicco Keyfit 30. She didn’t provide additional information about the other seat, apart from the brand being Graco.

She also added this to the caption:

I never expected this post to be seen by so many people! I really only posted it for family and friends, but hopefully it will save a life by making someone think twice about buckling their child in. It’s clear that a few of you are really bad at this thing called human decency. I can’t say I’m surprised. I just hope that should you ever find yourself in my situation, someone shows you the compassion you are clearly lacking.

That potshot, we think, is addressed to the mean individuals who left nasty comments on the thread. We hope a Philippine politician wasn’t one of them.

Vernon B. Sarne

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