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Toyota to show off how versatile the IMV 0 platform is at 2023 Japan Mobility Show

The platform lets customers get the vehicle of their dreams

The IMV 0 platform is an engineering powerhouse. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

When Toyota introduced the IMV platform, it was an instant hit in developing markets. It was a versatile platform that became the basis for three vehicles: the Hilux, the Fortuner, and the Innova. Since these models were launched, they have perpetually dominated the markets where they are sold.

It may not look like it, but this concept vehicle offers endless possibilities. PHOTOS FROM TOYOTA

So, when the Japanese carmaker launched the unibody Innova Zenix, many felt it was the end of an era. Many feared the IMV platform was no more. But late in 2022, all of those fears were replaced by excitement as the company finally unveiled the platform’s newest iteration—the IMV 0 Concept.

Two decades in the making, this IMV boasts the kind of modularity that has gotten many fans excited. And Toyota has shown just that as it unveiled the vehicle in many forms, one of which is the next-generation Tamaraw.

Camping or overlanding, there’s an IMV 0 concept for that. PHOTOS FROM TOYOTA

But it seems like the platform won’t be offered exclusively to developing markets anymore. At the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, Toyota will showcase the many possibilities that await future buyers as IMV 0 versions will be dressed up in different guises.

At the show, the firm will highlight the versatility of the pickup-type concept, which returns to the origins of the IMV project before. As we know now, customizable parts can be fitted on the truck’s deck for business and leisure purposes.

The IMV 0’s ladder-frame chassis is tough enough to do some serious work. PHOTOS FROM TOYOTA

Toyota will show an IMV 0 sample that’s made for overlanding. Then, there’s one for camping. For entrepreneurs, some mobile shops will be displayed. Also, there are emergency vehicle concepts to be shown.

All of these are possible because of the truck’s dimensions. It is 5,300mm long, 1,785mm wide, and 1,740mm high, with a wheelbase of 3,085mm. For the base version, the IMV 0 can carry two passengers. But depending on the customizations made, the platform can carry more people than what we will see with the many versions to be displayed.

Have a starving tummy or even an emergency? There’s an IMV 0 concept to save you. PHOTOS FROM TOYOTA

We do know it might come with Toyota’s latest gasoline, diesel, and even electrified powertrains. Looks like it won’t take long before the concept turns into a real vehicle. We’re excited about what the future holds for this very innovative and versatile platform.

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