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Toyota reveals Kayoibako concept ahead of 2023 Japan Mobility Show

A futuristic, multipurpose EV van that focuses on configurability

This lovable concept van can adapt to your specific needs. IMAGE FROM TOYOTA

Toyota may have recently teased two exciting FT concept cars for its booth at the upcoming 2023 Japan Mobility Show, but it seems to have a few more surprises up its sleeve by announcing the Kayoibako concept, which is a flexible EV van that can cater to the user’s needs.

Configurability is the name of the game for this concept, including a wheelchair-friendly mode. IMAGES FROM TOYOTA

The Japanese word kayoibako refers to the configurable shipping containers used to transport parts and products between facilities. Toyota has taken this concept quite literally by designing the battery electric vehicle to be customizable for specific roles.

It can be used for last-mile logistics and be efficient low-volume transportation, or serve as a mobile shop by installing shelves to display products, or install additional seats to turn it into a shuttle. In fact, it is possible to configure it to accommodate wheelchair users, which is in line with Toyota’s motto of “Mobility for All.”

Toyota shows how the Kayoibako can be customized, including a cheeky throwback to its bB van. IMAGES FROM TOYOTA

The automaker also showed off how it could be configured for other situations, such as overlanding, off-road exploration, and even one for the tuners out there with a “bB+ Concept” render.

While it may not be as exciting or head-turning as other concepts, you have to remember that these concept vans will also affect how our everyday transportation turns out in the near future. Anyway, we are excited to see what else Toyota will have in store come October 25.

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