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Emergency road repairs on EDSA on August 4-9

To mend damage caused by the typhoon and the rains

The DPWH is looking to fix up all of the problems caused by the typhoons in five days. SCREENSHOT FROM GOOGLE MAPS

Due to the onslaught of the recent typhoons, you may have noticed that our roads have become a little more pockmarked than usual with potholes. Aside from potentially damaging your precious ride, these can cause traffic to worsen on main roads like EDSA with people swerving around to avoid them.

Because of this, the Department of Public Works and Highways will be conducting emergency road repairs along the EDSA Busway from Buendia to Muñoz (both ways) starting August 4 (10pm) until August 9 (5am) along the following routes.

  • Fronting Hurom/Philam Homes
  • Before Benitez St., after TriNoma
  • BBM HQ, near Octoboy
  • DDT Sky Tower (Centris Station) – Scout Albano
  • Whole length before Guadalupe Bridge
  • Whole Rockwell Footbridge – Kalayaan
  • Corinthians – After AFP
  • Before MMDA (Sunshine Media Marketing)
  • Guadalupe MRT – Guadalupe Bridge
  • TriNoma – SM North footbridge
  • Fronting Ricoa – Avida Towers
  • Footbridge before TriNoma – Fronting Landmark
  • Quezon City 2nd DEO Office – Centris
  • Before Floor Center and Wilcon, Muñoz
  • Fronting SM North and Nice Hotel – Muñoz footbridge

The MMDA is advising that motorists take the Skyway as an alternate route, alongside several Mabuhay Lanes.

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