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Renault Sport is now called Alpine

Renault’s racing arm goes from yellow to blue

The name change is welcome because Alpine is easier to say than Renault Sport. PHOTO FROM ALPINE

Renault Sport and Alpine are two well-known French performance car brands. The former is responsible for making hot versions of pedestrian Renault products like the Clio and the Megane, and the latter is a producer of purpose-built sports cars like the A110.

These two entities go way back. Born from the merger of Renault’s Gordini and Alpine racing divisions in 1976, Renault Sport has ventured into several motorsport disciplines with varying degrees of success. It has participated in Formula 1, Formula E, the World Rally Championship and the British Touring Car Championship.

Renault might as well name its motorsport division after the F1 team. PHOTO FROM ALPINE

In a move that mirrors the Formula 1 team’s rebranding, Renault Sport in its entirety will now be called Alpine. It will still continue supporting Renault’s product line, but all future vehicles will fly under the new name—from petrol-powered hot hatches to electric sports cars.

“By becoming Alpine Cars, the teams are embarking on a new dynamic, rich in projects carried out with the support of the Alpine Racing teams and all of Renault Group’s businesses,” said Robert Bonetto, product performance and engineering director of Alpine. “This is an extremely exciting time for our engineers.”

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