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The Renault 5 is back, and it’s cuter than ever

Small hatchback is part of automaker’s big metamorphosis

Renault 5 fans will be delighted to see its imminent return. IMAGE FROM RENAULT

Renault may not be a household name in the Philippines right now, but the French brand has just unveiled its road map for the future and we seriously hope to see some of its upcoming models on our streets at some point. Ahead of them all stands the reimagined version of the famous Renault 5 hatchback that was recently shown to the world and used to tease the firm’s clean energy plans for the years ahead. The original car was a true automotive icon and, as is fashionable these days, its reborn version uses electricity instead of petrol to get around town. The European carmaker is planning to unleash 14 new vehicles by 2025, with seven of them being fully electric.

The old Renault 5 had rear-wheel drive and a turbocharger. IMAGES FROM RENAULT

Renault calls its plan “Nouvelle Vague” (New Wave) and is speaking of a “Renaulution” that will come in three parts. First, there will be the Resurrection, which runs up to 2023 and sees the company focus on profit margins and cash generation. Then the Renovation will commence, with new models being pushed to market until 2025 to increase the bottom line. From that year onward, it’s finally time for the Revolution when the 120-year-old brand will go the way other car makers have gone recently, and try to transform itself into a modern mobility company focusing on clean energy and the latest technologies.

It would be nice to see this car in rally racing just like before. IMAGES FROM RENAULT

Renault hasn’t released any timeline for when the new 5 will go into production, but seeing as such a cult car could lead to increased interest in the brand and healthier profits, we suspect it will be launched sooner rather than later. The fully electric supermini might even become the successor of the hugely successful Zoe EV, and we’re waiting to see what technical specs the brand will cram under its cute skin. The original Renault 5 was and still is a proper cult classic that turned many heads and stole countless hearts with its design that was way ahead of its time. It was eventually replaced by the rather boring Clio, and many fans of the marque will surely be delighted to see some more avant-garde lines coming out of Renault HQ again.

Frank Schuengel

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