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This Rolls-Royce liquor box costs as much as a car

It will keep your bubbly safe in style, though

If you can't afford a Rolls-Royce motor car, the Cellarette is a lot friendlier on your wallet. PHOTO FROM ROLLS-ROYCE

People who drive hand-built luxury motor cars from England often belong to that small percentage of the population who it’s almost impossible to buy a gift for come Christmas or a birthday. Chances are, whatever fancy present you can think of, they probably own it already. A specially made watch? Check. A whole boat to go with your car? Been done already. Even a self-leveling carbon-fiber pool table for said yacht isn’t a problem when you’re loaded enough.

So, what are you supposed to buy your friends who own Rolls-Royce vehicles come the festive period? Assuming you don’t mind dropping the price of a family car on a gift, then the people behind the Rolls-Royce Connoisseur’s Collection have a suggestion for you, and it’s not a vehicle for once.

The humidor comes with a built-in hygrometer. PHOTOS FROM ROLLS-ROYCE

The object they want you and your loaded mates to desire is called a Cellarette. The term stands for a small (usually wooden) cabinet used to store alcoholic beverages. This isn’t just any old booze box, though. This is a Rolls-Royce-designed-and-built whiskey and cigar chest created with the typical over-the-top approach we are used to seeing from the British firm. Let’s start with the bottle holder, or “pannier” as they call it. It’s leather-lined, can take different bottle sizes, and keeps your favorite tipple securely in place with a polished aluminum fastener. Whatever spirit is being transported in it can be consumed from two handblown glasses with engraved “RR” logos that rotate toward the user when the Cellarette is opened.

A good glass of whiskey apparently tastes better when enjoyed together with a fine cigar, and so this little box of wonders also contains a proper humidor. Made from Spanish cedarwood and providing the perfect humidity level for your favorite smokes thanks to a built-in hygrometer, the humidor also comes with some useful accessories. On one side of it sits what might go down in history as the poshest ashtray ever that unfolds its little cigar holders once removed from storage. On the other side is a cigar cutter and a lighter. But of course, the latter is not just any old plastic fire maker. This one is made by Dupont and comes complete with a Spirit of Ecstasy engraving.

A bottle of Johnny Walker Black is too cheap for this holder. PHOTO FROM ROLLS-ROYCE

The posh alcohol and cigar carrier itself is made from polished aluminum that’s been covered in Rolls-Royce Havana leather and adorned with the type of wood veneer usually found aboard motor cars from the automaker. There’s also a serving tray to place the contents on, and while the firm states that everything will fit nicely into the trunk of any of its luxury vehicles, it’s apparently best used as a centerpiece when entertaining guests.

If you now think that this would be the perfect gift for your rich uncle or cousin, then be prepared to dig deep for this handmade liquor cabinet. Rolls-Royce is asking at least £40,570 (P2.79 million) for one of them, a price that will likely leave you needing a stiff drink.

Frank Schuengel

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