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Rolls-Royce’s Privacy Suite will delight the VVIPs of the world

Featuring electrochromic glass that isolates the back seat

The Phantom should now be a favorite among evil CEOs and corrupt world leaders. PHOTO FROM ROLLS-ROYCE

Have you ever made plans to take over the world in the comfort of your S-Class’s back seat? And have those plans been foiled by some rookie superhero wannabe that annoyingly saw your secrets through the car’s rear window because it wasn’t private enough? Fear not, dear budding evil villain. Rolls-Royce has the solution to your problem.

Called the Privacy Suite, this is Rolls-Royce’s response to the ever-increasing demand for the ultimate in luxury and privacy. The British luxury marque recognizes the need for cocooning the world’s VVIPs from the troubles of the outside environment without compromising functionality and comfort. To that end, the brand has created something truly special.

Magic! Now the driver sees you...now he doesn’t. PHOTOS FROM ROLLS-ROYCE

The Privacy Suite’s pièce de résistance is the electrochromic glass panel that divides the front and rear portions of the cabin. This special glass is made of electrochromic material that changes its opacity in response to voltage bursts being coursed through it. At a touch of a button, the glass can instantly transform from a see-through transparent state to a completely opaque appearance. Very important when you don’t want your chauffeur to see that sinister look in your eyes.

Do you need your chauffeur to tend to your whims? Push a button and bark orders. PHOTOS FROM ROLLS-ROYCE

Rolls-Royce has always been known for producing some of the quietest cabins in the world. The automaker’s expertise in isolating unwanted noise has led to the creation of an insulation material that suppresses the transmission of sounds between the front and rear seats. Quite useful when you’re in talks with your arms dealer about a top-secret shipment of laser-guided bombs. But should you fancy ordering a Big Mac meal, there’s an intercom system that you can use to ask your driver to pull up at the next McDonald’s drive-thru.

Sitting alone in the Privacy Suite can be a bit boring on longer journeys. Thankfully, the “Bespoke Rear Theater Entertainment” system can keep even the most fidgety of villains amused and engaged. Besides the interconnectivity with the car’s onboard software, an HDMI port allows syncing of personal mobile phones and tablets to the huge 12-inch monitors. Perfect when you want to view a high-definition world map of all the places you want to nuke.

Let Rolls-Royce pamper you in its lavish embrace. PHOTOS FROM ROLLS-ROYCE

Aside from all the high-tech gadgetry, Rolls-Royce also uses some low-tech tricks of the luxury car trade in the Privacy Suite. There is a small slot in the cabin divider where hard-copy documents can be passed through. The rear passenger can even decide whether to accept these documents or not by opening or closing the slot. This should come in handy if the chauffeur happens to give you something laced with anthrax. And even with the electrochromic glass technology in use for the divider, the side and rear windows still use old-fashioned retractable privacy curtains.

The Privacy Suite is available on the long-wheelbase Rolls-Royce Phantom only. If you’re on the road and you need to key in the access code to launch cruise missiles from your fleet of attack submarines, the Privacy Suite will keep your diabolical intent a closely guarded secret.

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