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Here’s an ‘Easy Like Monday Morning’ playlist

What driving music starts your week?

Driving on a Monday can be a slog, so a good playlist is always essential. PHOTO BY PATTY MORATO-ROA

The Monday morning. This is an obstacle we all probably can relate to. Maybe it’s because it’s such an abrupt reminder that it can’t always be Sunday. But if there are two things good about it—at least for me—those would be coffee and the perfect playlist for the morning drive on the first day of the workweek.

Unless you want the silicon chip inside your head to switch to overload, stay away from the song “I Don’t Like Mondays” by the Boomtown Rats. Instead, here’s a list of recommended artists (and a music channel) for the morning shuttle.

1. Lola Amour. Whether it’s “Raining in Manila” or summer in the Philippines, there’s nothing like a little funk to get the groggy out of your system.

2. Up Dharma Down. A calming voice over an indietronica sound pairs with your morning brew by your cupholder very successfully. Trust me.

3. Bob Marley. Cooler heads will prevail on the road if more of us listened to this man’s music. Driving would be all airie.

4. Sting. His music is jazzy, old-school, and elegant. The Ten Summoner’s Tales album, in particular, is a personal favorite. This man is a legend for a reason.

5. Drake. Some rap, some motivation, and all swag. If you’re going to psych yourself in the morning, put on some Drake. You’re welcome.

6. Harry Styles. Start the car. Play “Music for a Sushi Restaurant.” Simple.

7. Lofi Girl. What started off as a French YouTube music channel that livestreamed lo-fi/hip-hop music, the channel now has millions of followers. If lyrics are too much and you’re more the type that prefers a crisp, ambient background sound, give this one a listen.

Patty Morato-Roa

Patty had an early career as a TV and print model. She was also immersed in the motoring world at a young age having spent her childhood around annual car shows. She has worked as an editorial assistant, and dabbles in photography as well. She’s a wife of an avid motorcycle rider and a mom of two.