Patty Morato-Roa

Patty started her career as a TV and print model when she was just a teen. Along with this, the motoring world was very much a part of her youth, having been present at annual car shows since she was a child. Her father being one of the judges, Patty would spend entire days walking around the auto show grounds at an early age. Cars and bikes are most definitely familiar and interesting topics to her.

She caught the writing bug as a young adult and has contributed articles to The Daily Tribune as a college student, and landed an editorial assistant position for her first job.

Patty is currently a wife of an avid motorcycle rider, and a mom of two. She also dabbles in photography during her free time. She stands by the belief that a good family road trip, with a dependable ride, paired with a carefully curated playlist, is one of life’s underrated luxuries.

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