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Cupra also has its own branded boat

Watercraft are no longer limited to luxury car brands

There is now a car-themed boat for the mainstream car guy. PHOTO FROM DE ANTONIO YACHTS

We’ve written quite a few pieces on car-themed boats. One common denominator is a luxury automaker that partners with a shipbuilder to make the craziest yacht or the fastest powerboat money can buy. But Spanish performance marque Cupra thinks that it can play with the big boys with its branded watercraft.

A 400hp power unit gives the D28 Formentor a top speed of 40 knots. PHOTOS FROM SEAT AND DE ANTONIO YACHTS

While Cupra is Seat’s upmarket arm selling faster (and more expensive) products, it’s not exactly in the same league as Lexus or Bentley. But that didn’t stop the Spanish company from calling up De Antonio Yachts in Barcelona for a possible collaboration. The latter obviously obliged and has come up with a Cupra-fied version of its D28 motorboat.

Cupra designers made sure that the deck's trim was suitable for life at sea. PHOTOS FROM SEAT

The aptly named D28 Formentor is inspired by the Formentor VZ5, a sporty crossover with a turbocharged five-cylinder engine. And speaking of propulsion, Cupra says that this boat has 400hp. A quick look at the De Antonio Yachts spec sheet reveals that this power figure comes from either a single straight-six unit or a pair of V6 motors—both produced by Mercury. Maximum speed is a respectable 40 knots (74km/h).

The spacious deck has plenty of lounging areas. PHOTOS FROM DE ANTONIO YACHTS

The engines are mounted deep within the stern, which makes the D28’s roomy deck a quiet place for a leisurely cruise. And speaking of the deck, Cupra’s creative team apparently couldn’t use car upholstery on the boat because it wouldn’t be able to withstand constant exposure to seawater and direct sunlight. To that end, the team engineered a “vegan” hide that is resistant to the effects of UV rays.

Let's see if a Formentor VZ5 buyer can afford this. PHOTO FROM DE ANTONIO YACHTS

While there is no price listed for the D28 Formentor, we’re not really sure if the typical Cupra customer really has the financial capacity for a pleasure boat. But both the automaker and De Antonio Yachts see this as a partnership worth pursuing in the future. The two companies are exploring the creation of a watercraft with a hybrid power unit.

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