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Volkswagen has a new electric wagon in the ID.7 Tourer

A more practical alternative to the same model’s saloon version

Volkswagen really refuses to give up on the wagon. PHOTO FROM VOLKSWAGEN

It seems like Volkswagen is truly determined to show the world that wagons are still relevant when much of the industry has moved on with crossovers. The Passat Variant is proof that such cars are still desirable even if they are more of a niche segment these days. And to cater to buyers who desire all the goodness of an estate but without the emissions, the German firm has just unveiled the ID.7 Tourer.

The ID.7 Tourer can go 685km in between charges. PHOTOS FROM VOLKSWAGEN

A lot of the ID.7 fastback saloon‘s signature features have been carried over to its estate twin. Both cars get the same minimalist cabin featuring a massive center-mounted 15-inch touchscreen. The rather small instrument monitor is complemented by a standard augmented-reality heads-up display. The exterior design is also generally identical save for the different rear ends.

Volkswagen has also taken the opportunity to equip the ID.7 Tourer with more technology. Like the sedan, its infotainment system runs on the updated MIB4 software and is equipped with the Ida voice assistant. But one interesting feature of the wagon is its ChatGPT compatibility. Requests for information are made through Ida, and content is retrieved and read aloud in pretty much the same way as how the chatbot works in computers.

When it comes to practicality, wagons are hard to beat. PHOTOS FROM VOLKSWAGEN

There is also a Wellness In-Car-App that is supposed to enhance comfort while driving or taking breaks on long journeys. It does this by adjusting the air-conditioning system, the massaging seats, and the panoramic sunroof. It can even go as far as piping in relaxing ambient music, or playing Spotify playlists to suit the mood of the occupants. Volkswagen says this function will soon be available in the Passat, the Tiguan, and the other members of the ID. range.

One aspect of the ID.7 Tourer that is superior to its sedan version is its luggage capacity. Its load area can accommodate 605L of cargo—73L more than the saloon. That increases to 1,714L when the rear seats are folded down. When you consider that both cars are 4,961mm long, the advantages of the wagon layout really shine in this application.

Even with a cavernous load area, the ID.7 Tourer still offers lots of space for its occupants. PHOTOS FROM VOLKSWAGEN

Driving range is 685km for units equipped with the 86kWh battery pack—nearly as much as the sedan’s 700km. Additionally, no new EV these days will be caught dead without an array of intelligent driver aids. In the ID.7 Tourer, that comes in the form of an optional cloud-based system that gives longitudinal and lateral guidance. An update that will recognize highway entry and exit ramps will be offered in the future.

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