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TOM’S Racing will unveil new cars at 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon

These include a modified Prius, a GR Corolla, and a restomodded A80 Supra

TOM'S Racing mainly participates in motorsports like the Super GT series. PHOTO FROM TOM'S

Tachi Oiwa Motor Sport—or TOM’S Racing—is arguably Japan’s longest-running and still very much active top motorsports team active in many of today’s racing series in Japan. Its Castrol-liveried A80 Supras of the mid- to late-’90s are the stuff that today’s generation of enthusiasts dreams of, immortalized by games like Gran Turismo.

TOM'S has had a successful motorsports run. PHOTO FROM TOM'S

Founded in 1974 by Nobuhide Tachi and Kiyoshi Oiwa at the height of the oil crisis, TOM’s resilience allowed the fledgling team to show success early on. To date, TOM’S has won the Japan GT Championship/Super GT Championship nine times, the Japanese Formula 3 Championship a record 21 times, and the Super Formula Lights Championship three times.

They also sell some mean complete cars and tuning parts. PHOTOS FROM TOM'S

Aside from competing in the top echelon of motorsports, TOM’S offers complete brand-new performance-oriented cars using a bevy of Toyota and Lexus models as base vehicles. Today, the complete car lineup includes models like the GR Yaris, two A90 GR Supra variants, the GR86, the Century, and the Lexus LC500.

Of course, it also manufactures performance parts, accessories, wheels, and bodykit for a number of both new and old Toyota and Lexus models, which include the entire GR lineup, the Prius, the IS, the RC, and the LC. Perfect for tuning car enthusiasts embarking on their project car adventure.

Who will be the first to kit out their Alphard with TOM'S parts here? PHOTOS FROM TOM'S

For this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, TOM’S Racing is unveiling three Formula 4 race cars that will showcase the team’s collective knowledge in its 48 years of existence.

Additionally, the Japanese racing/tuning outfit will debut six new tuning programs. These include the GR Corolla, the IS500, and the Alphard.

We're excited to see what the A80 Supra will look like. IMAGE FROM TOM'S

The Prius, the LM, and even a restomodded A80 Supra are also debuting together with the aforementioned models. But these, however, remain closely guarded secrets for now, adding to the excited anticipation of tomorrow’s show.

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