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DAMD to revisit the Suzuki Jimny for 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon

The Japanese styling house will also bring custom vans to the show

The boxy ’80s are back. PHOTO FROM DAMD

Next month’s Tokyo Auto Salon is spicing up to be an exciting year for manufacturers, but let’s not forget about the aftermarket brands that make the event unique from the usual formalities. For starters, Dream Automotive Development and Design (DAMD) has a couple of treats for Suzuki Jimny owners and fans.

DAMD even collaborated with OZ Racing to make rally-inspired wheels. PHOTOS FROM DAMD

After the success of the Little D and the Dronco, the Kanagawa-based tuning shop has made two new bodykits for the little off-road nugget, and this time, the theme revolves around “European Masterpieces,” specifically ’80s rally hatchbacks.

The Little Δ (read as “delta”) takes elements from the Lancia Delta HF Integrale, from its quadruple round headlights and split grille to the angular rear wing. Meanwhile, the Little 5 (read as “cinq”) has the face of the famed Renault 5 Turbo, bearing the classic brick-shaped headlights, the rear fender vents, and the “turbo” decals with a cheeky twist.

The Atrai Fuzz is for those who embrace the Yankee culture but want to stay practical around Tokyo. PHOTOS FROM DAMD

Aside from its Jimny offerings, DAMD is also bringing two more styles for two van models. The tiny Daihatsu Atrai receives the American treatment, showcasing a boxier front end akin to the Ford E-Series and the Chevrolet G-Series of the 1980s.

Onto something more familiar, the previous-generation Toyota Hiace is still receiving more love from tuning enthusiasts worldwide, even going as far as remodeling its flat fascia. Interestingly, DAMD went for the Land Rover Defender look—not the first thing to associate with a cab-forward van from Japan. They call this the Deface.

Deface is a fitting name for what has been done to the original front end. PHOTO FROM DAMD

Jimny and Hiace owners will have to wait for opening day on January 12 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba for release dates and prices for each bodykit. Will these designs catch on in the Philippine aftermarket scene?

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