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This bodykit will convert your Suzuki Jimny into a mini Bronco

All for the fraction of the price of a real one

Want a Ford Bronco but can't afford the astronomical gray-market asking prices? Here is the solution. PHOTO FROM GARAGE ILL

The Suzuki Jimny is an insanely popular car, and also one that has turned into a big favorite among tuning companies. It’s not so much under the hood where various firms like to get creative, though. Rather, a number of bodykit products have become available recently that sometimes change the look of the little 4×4 in drastic and pretty interesting ways.

We have seen Jimnys look like a Land Rover Defender and a Mercedes G-Wagon, but the latest entry into this four-wheeled fancy dress competition might be the most curious one yet. Say hello to the Suzuki Jimnonco, or should that be Bromny?

Unfortunately, the wheels and the tires here are sold separately. PHOTOS FROM GARAGE ILL

The official name given to this creation by Japanese tuner Garage Ill is Bron55, which apparently is pronounced Bro-Go-Go, a combination of the words Jet Gogo” and Bronco.” We don’t understand Japanese well enough to fully get that reference, but we can tell you that the kit consists of a grille, a headlight set, and a new bumper.

It’s available for halogen and LED light versions of the Jimny, with prices starting at ¥159,500 (P60,400) for an unpainted set, and going up to ¥245,000 (P92,800) for a painted LED version. Order yours straight from this website.

The DAMD kit is for those who prefer more old-school cool. PHOTOS FROM DAMD

If you prefer a more old-school look, then fellow Japanese tuner Dream Automotive Development and Design (DAMD) can fix you up with bodykit that turns your Jimny into a classic Bronco. Aptly called the Dronco, this kit includes a new grille, a hood cover, and front and rear bumpers as well as a five-piece wheel set.

It’s a bit more expensive than the Garage Ill one, and will cost you as much as ¥450,000 (P170,500) with the wheels included but excluding local sales tax. You can order yours here.

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