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The 2021 Triumph Bonneville lineup is cleaner and hopefully more fun

Keeping both avid riders and Mother Nature very happy

The 2021 Bonneville series offers more smiles per mile with less harmful emissions. PHOTO FROM TRIUMPH

When stringent Euro 5 emissions standards came into effect for motorcycles at the beginning of this year, it was only a matter of time before manufacturers started rolling out products that complied with these requirements. As bike engines usually rev higher than those of passenger cars, they tend to emit more hydrocarbons. The “simplest” solution is to go with ever more restrictive catalytic converters, but usually at the cost of strangling the engine of power. Other companies have also chosen to discontinue models that could not be made to abide by the new standards.

As it turns out, Triumph Motorcycles has found a way to comply with the new Euro 5 rules while retaining (or even improving) the performance of its parallel-twin engine lineup.

The T120 is literally lighter on its feet thanks to a slight reduction in weight. PHOTO FROM TRIUMPH

The Bonneville T120 and T120 Black continue with the 1,200cc, high-torque parallel twin, now with reduced engine mass through the use of a lighter crankshaft. An optimized clutch and balancer shafts help reduce inertia to provide a more responsive power delivery. Peak power is 79hp at 6,550rpm, while peak torque is 105Nm at 3,500rpm. The T120 also benefits from a 7kg weight reduction—much of it credited to all-new aluminum wheels. A higher-specification Brembo front brake with a two-piston sliding caliper improves braking performance. Other improvements come in the form of a new three-dimensional dial face for the twin-clock setup, while the fuel tank now carries a three-bar heritage chromed metal badge.

Power is easier to manage thanks to the T100's flat torque curve. PHOTO FROM TRIUMPH

Meanwhile, the Bonneville T100 with its 900cc engine gains 10hp over the previous generation. Peak output is now 64hp at 7,400rpm, while torque maxes out at 80Nm at 3,750rpm. And 80% of twist is available from 2,000rpm to 7,000rpm. The gains come from a low-inertia crankshaft, lighter balancer shafts, thin-walled clutch cover, magnesium cam cover, and a redline that is 500rpm higher than before. Aside from the engine improvements, the T100 also benefits from a higher-specification Brembo front brake, an upgraded cartridge front fork, and a 4kg weight loss for better agility. It also gets new instrumentation with an integrated multifunction display and various cosmetic improvements.

The Street Twin appeals to younger buyers with its cast wheels. PHOTO FROM TRIUMPH

Similar to the T100, the sportier Street Twin has the same 900cc engine and improved front brake.  It also gets all-new cast wheels, a new-design bench seat that’s more comfortable, and updated side panels with an integrated mesh detail. The engine has new brushed-aluminum throttle-body finishers and black engine covers to highlight the distinctive finned head and header clamps.

Riders will appreciate the Speedmaster's better throttle response. PHOTO FROM TRIUMPH

The Speedmaster, Triumph’s cruiser version of the Bonneville, gets a more immediate and responsive riding feel. Its 1,200cc parallel-twin engine has been tuned for a smoother power delivery with a notable lift in the midrange, resulting in lower emissions that actually exceed Euro 5 standards. Peak torque is 106Nm at just 3,850rpm, with over 90% of this available all the way up to 5,750rpm. Max output is 77hp at 6,100rpm. A large-diameter 47mm Showa cartridge fork enhances its ride and handling characteristics. The twin-seat setup has been improved with a separate lumbar support and a sculpted deep-foam construction, while the pillion seat has 11mm thicker foam than its predecessor. Various cosmetic improvements include a new bezel for the updated dial face.

The Bobber's muscular look will have everyone giving this bike some space at the coffee shop. PHOTO FROM TRIUMPH

Finally, the Bobber gets a fat 16-inch front wheel with a matching chunkier 47mm suspension fork for a truly muscular front-end presence. Avon Cobra tires have been specifically developed for this bike: MT90B16 for the front and 150/80 R16 for the rear. Peak power from the 1,200cc engine is 78hp at 6,100rpm, and 106Nm of torque is available at 4,000rpm. Cosmetic improvements include a new bezel, a new dial face, and additional integrated warning lights.

Antilock brakes, traction control, and a torque-assist clutch are standard across all Bonneville models. All bikes also have a service interval of 16,000km or 12 months, whichever comes first.

Below is the updated pricing for the entire range:

  • Bonneville T120 – P885,000
  • Bonneville T100 – P735,000
  • Bonneville Speedmaster – P1,015,000
  • Bonneville Bobber – P1,015,000
  • Bonneville Street Twin – P670,000

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