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Honda is now producing the e:N1 electric crossover in Thailand

Should be good news for buyers in Southeast Asia

Honda is now making BEVs in the heart of Southeast Asia. PHOTO FROM HONDA

Honda has promised to have an all-electric product portfolio in less than two decades. To do that, it must make its eco-friendly vehicles more desirable to buyers in terms of variety and, more importantly, pricing. Fortunately, the company’s subsidiary in Thailand has made a step toward that goal by starting production of electric cars.

The automaker’s manufacturing facility in Prachinburi has just rolled out the first e:N1. This is essentially a battery-powered version of the HR-V, which itself is already available with hybrid powertrains. Vehicle specifications haven’t been revealed yet. But if the European e:Ny1 is anything to go by, customers can expect 201hp and a range of 412km.

Could the Thai-sourced e:N1 be priced competitively against its Chinese counterparts? PHOTOS FROM HONDA

But what’s more important than the e:N1’s performance is its potential market reach within the region. Aside from contributing to the local economy with domestically sourced parts and labor, Thailand enjoys favorable trade agreements with its fellow ASEAN members. In theory, this should allow the car to be priced attractively, making it more accessible to customers with lower budgets.

The e:N1 is expected to be launched in the Land of Smiles early next year. While plans for overseas distribution have not been announced yet, it is possible that this car will land in the Philippines in the not-so-distant future.

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