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Honda reimagines its ‘Power of Dreams’ ethos and reiterates its commitment to electrification

In the near future, all of its vehicles sold in China will be EVs

China will get first dibs on the e:NS2 from Honda. PHOTO FROM HONDA

As more carmakers continue to adopt electrification and push connected technologies, Honda realizes that it needs to fully embrace the direction where mobility as a whole is directed. And so, at its 2023 business briefing, the Japanese company reiterates its strong commitment to these technologies.

Honda redefines its 'Power of Dreams' ethos in this electrified age. IMAGE FROM HONDA

In a video, Honda shares the mobility it dreams of for the world. It talks about how the company intends to keep helping people move and offer mobility solutions that can enrich their lives.

Vehicle electrification and connected vehicle technologies are changing the mobility landscape quickly. IMAGES FROM HONDA

In line with this renewed vision, Honda shared its plans for the advancement of mobility. And this can be done by focusing on five key factors:

  • Achieve carbon neutrality of its power units;
  • Make a management system so its power units can be used as energy sources;
  • Maximize the use of its resources;
  • Develop automated driving and advanced driver-assistance systems; and
  • Push connected technologies in its future offerings

Honda has also set a very ambitious goal, and that is to sell only EVs and FCEVs (fuel-cell EVs) by 2040. To do so, the company will increase EV production by up to two million units annually by 2030. This will start by first focusing its electrification efforts in major markets.

The Acura ZDX and the Honda Prologue are set to be launched next year. PHOTOS FROM HONDA

In North America, for example, Honda continues to work with General Motors to codevelop the Prologue and Acura ZDX fully electric SUVs. Today, the two companies are on track to launch and sell these vehicles by 2024. Furthermore, Honda intends to make and sell a mid- to large-size EV, using its new E&E architecture by 2025.

The Chinese market will be the one to get most of Honda’s future EV offerings. By 2024, a number of its e:N vehicles will be going on sale. In the first few months of 2024, Honda will start selling the e:NS2 and e:NP2 EVs. Later that year, a bigger model based on the e:N SUV xù concept will be launched and sold in the region.

The e:NS2, the e:NP2, and a production model of the e:N SUV xù concept will be sold in China by 2024. PHOTOS FROM HONDA

Furthermore, the Minato-based company will introduce seven more new EVs apart from the three models we mentioned above. And eventually, Honda intends to phase out ICEs and sell only EVs in China, putting it ahead of other territories.

Finally, in its home market of Japan, the company will start offering an electrified version of the N-Van kei car by 2024. The following year, it will sell an N-One prototype-based model. And by 2026, it will start sales of two new small EV models in the country, one of which is an SUV.

An electrified version of this N-Van kei car will be sold in Japan by 2024. PHOTO FROM HONDA

But Honda won’t only focus on developing and selling new electrified vehicles. The company will start offering vehicle charging services to encourage more people to get on the electrified bandwagon. This will be based on the Honda SmartCharge, a currently available service in North America. The brand will then bring it to other territories.

Honda will start an energy business to build reliable charging networks and harness the capabilities of its EVs. IMAGES FROM HONDA

To achieve this, Honda plans to partner with existing charging service providers to make reliable networks worldwide. It will even roll out its own energy business to harness the power supply capabilities of its current and future EVs.

Whether we like it or not, EVs are here to stay. It’s nice to know that mobility companies like Honda have a clear vision of how to help their customers better deal with this transition. And when all hands are on deck with vehicle electrification, the future does look bright for environment-friendly mobility.

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