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The Honda Odyssey will return to Japan, but is now sourced from China

GAC-Honda will now produce the Japanese minivan

Never say die, especially if it is about the Odyssey. PHOTO FROM HONDA

Since last year, the Honda Odyssey has been pulled out of the Japanese lineup after the recent closure of the automaker’s Sayama plant so the company can focus on electrification. However, that does not mean the long-running minivan is completely out of the picture as its return to its home market has been announced this year—with help from Honda’s Chinese partner.

Tinted but clear taillights on a minivan? Count us in! PHOTOS FROM HONDA

Outside of Japan, China is the only country that assembles the current-generation Odyssey in two different joint-venture factories: Wuhan under Dongfeng (for the Elysion), and Guangzhou under Guangqi, also known as GAC. The latter will be the new source of the minivan in Japan, starting with a hybrid model.

Comes with the obligatory captain chairs. PHOTOS FROM HONDA

Leading the announcement is the e:HEV Absolute EX Black Edition, which comes with glossy black trim on the grille, the mirrors, and the wheels. Powering this van is a 2.0-liter in-line-four hybrid engine with a combined output of 181hp and 315Nm.

The dashboard design remains unchanged, except for a new gear selector layout that utilizes buttons instead of a conventional stick. New to the Odyssey, Honda Sensing is finally available for the first time.

Fun fact: Only one face-lifted Odyssey has ever made it onto our soil, and it's owned by HCPI. PHOTO BY JUSTIN YOUNG

The Odyssey will return to dealerships across Japan by the end of 2023, and fingers crossed that we will finally get to see this facelift appear elsewhere.

The fifth generation of the Asian-spec model made its debut in the Philippines in 2015 with moderate success. With this shift from Sayama to Guangzhou, would you like to see Honda Cars Philippines return to the luxury minivan game?

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