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Honda to sell only electric vehicles by 2040

VTEC will have stopped kicking in, yo

Honda is slowly starting to hammer nails in the VTEC's coffin. PHOTO FROM HONDA

One of the new vehicles that we want to try out is the Honda e. This cute hatchback is an all-electric affair, with styling that harks back to the days of the Civic EF. But the e is practically the only mass-market product in Honda’s lineup that runs on batteries. In addition, the vehicle isn’t sold in the Philippines. However, that is all about to change as the company plans to become an all-electric automaker by 2040. Granted it is still almost two decades from now, but it gives Honda customers something to look forward to.

That 2040 goal is less than 20 years from now. IMAGE FROM HONDA

The bold announcement was made by Honda boss Toshihiro Mibe. The decision to have a pure-EV lineup is part of the company’s bid to become completely carbon-neutral by 2050. The timeline for such a move seems to be a little aggressive. By 2030, Honda wants 40% of its sales to consist of electric and fuel-cell vehicles in the Chinese, Japanese and North American markets. That percentage will double by 2035, culminating with the goal of selling only zero-emission vehicles globally by 2040.

One of the projects currently in the pipeline for North America is a pair of large EV models—one for Honda and one for Acura. These vehicles will utilize GM’s Ultium batteries and are slated to be launched sometime in 2024. For China, the production version of the SUV e:prototype will go on sale in 2022. In Japan, Honda plans to introduce an electric kei car in 2024.

We'd totally ride an electric Honda scooter. PHOTO FROM HONDA

In addition, Honda is also working on the electrification of its motorcycle products. The company believes in the concept of swappable batteries with plans to build battery-swapping kiosks. In fact, tests have apparently begun in India with tricycle rickshaws. As for the vehicles themselves, there are plans to introduce electric scooters in the 50cc and 125cc classes in 2024, followed by battery-powered sports bikes.

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