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This is the North America-bound Mazda CX-70

It comes in mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid guises

Mazda is continuously growing its SUV portfolio. PHOTO FROM MAZDA

About a couple of years ago, Mazda detailed its plans on how to take over people’s wallets with no less than five SUV models. So far, the brand has wowed potential customers and some of our writers with the CX-60 and the CX-90. And now, it has just unveiled the striking CX-70, which looks ready to tug the hearts and hard-earned cash of even more buyers.

The CX-70's width is made for North American roads. PHOTOS FROM MAZDA

In its series of SUVs, the CX-70 is positioned as a two-row vehicle just like the CX-60. The difference is that the former gets a slightly wider stance as it will be destined for the North American market. Of course, that just means that CX-70 occupants will get to enjoy a roomier cabin, and the increased track width should translate to stability during cornering.

You can count on the CX-70 to tow your project car. PHOTOS FROM MAZDA

Speaking of passengers, the CX-70 can be had with a variety of interior-trim colors. The rear seats can also be folded remotely, which makes loading of extra-large items a lot easier. The CX-70 will also be the first Mazda to be offered with Amazon Alexa. The voice assistant has been programmed to control a variety of functions from the air-conditioning to compatible devices at home.

Do you think this shade of red is a little too vulgar? PHOTOS FROM MAZDA

Providing motivation for the CX-70 is a turbocharged 3.3-liter six-cylinder engine paired with a mild-hybrid system. Mazda hasn’t provided performance figures, but the same power unit in the CX-60 produces 280hp. Alternatively, there is an optional plug-in hybrid version. Aside from the ability to run on battery power alone, it is expected that this motor will have over 300hp on tap.

The PHEV version promises more electric range. PHOTOS FROM MAZDA

In its SUV strategy, Mazda has opted to develop bespoke models for certain markets rather than creating a single product for the entire world. The thinking behind this is to likely cater to the demands specific to a particular region. With the CX-70 being built for North American tastes, we hope this turns into a bigger slice of the sales pie for the Japanese brand.

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