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This is the hydrogen-powered Toyota GR H2 Racing Concept

A preview of its future Le Mans H2 vehicle

This concept car runs off hydrogen fuel, and has a hybrid system to use in top-flight motorsports. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA GAZOO RACING

Toyota Gazoo Racing may have lost to Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans last Sunday, but that small setback won’t stop the team from setting its sights on the future of the sport.

This is the GR H2 Racing Concept, and no, this isn’t the replacement for the dominant GR010 Hypercar. This concept vehicle was developed as the result of an announcement by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest, the organizer of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

For the 2026 edition of the race, it will be instating a hydrogen category—Le Mans H2—with the end goal to have the Hypercar class be hydrogen-powered by 2030. In this new class, cars either utilize fuel-cell technology (to power electric motors) or have combustion engines run by hydrogen fuel.

Could Toyota's future Le Mans Hypercar competitor look like this? PHOTOS FROM TOYOTA GAZOO RACING

The automaker already has experience running hydrogen-powered engines in the Super Taikyu race series, so it makes sense that its future vehicle for the Le Mans H2 class will be utilizing the same tech.

Not much information has been revealed other than it will be utilizing a hydrogen engine and a hybrid system. It will measure 5,100mm long and 2,050mm wide, and be wearing the company’s new corporate face.

If anything, this preview for Toyota Gazoo Racing makes us excited for the future of the sport. Will we see a hydrogen-powered GR020 take the fight back to Ferrari real soon?

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