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The new Peugeot e-5008 is a handsome EV SUV

It will also be offered in hybrid and PHEV variants

It was inevitable we'd see the longer sibling of the e-3008. PHOTO FROM PEUGEOT

If you’re familiar with Peugeot‘s two crossovers, you’ll know that the 5008 is a stretched-out version of the 3008 that can accommodate seven people. With the introduction of the e-3008, it was inevitable that we’d see the e-5008.

It's still a very attractive crossover to look at. PHOTOS FROM PEUGEOT

And the sheet metal relation couldn’t be any more obvious. It’s pretty much the same aggressive front fascia, three-claw LED lighting design front and back, and similar-looking 19- or 20-inch wheel design.

The e-5008 also does away with most of the superfluous vents and brightwork, and extends the roofline to accommodate the extra row at the back.

The funky cockpit is still present in all of its French glory. PHOTOS FROM PEUGEOT

The interior also sports the new iteration of the i-Cockpit, which has a 21-inch panoramic screen that spans the dashboard as well as trademark toggle switches and fighter-jet-inspired layout.

The seats can be upholstered in either synthetic leather and fabric, or synthetic leather and Alcantara. There are also optional seats with the AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken) label that can help reduce back pain.

The previous 5008 was able to carry a surprising amount of people and cargo inside its rather compact body. PHOTOS FROM PEUGEOT

The second row has a 60/40-split bench that can recline and move fore and aft. The backrests also further fold in a 40/20/40 split to further enhance cargo-carrying space.

With all three rows up, you have 259L. With the third row folded, that increases to 748L. Fold everything down and you get a flat floor area that’s capable of carrying up to 1,815L.

Multiple drivetrains are available, but the vehicle is touted as 'electric-first'. PHOTO FROM PEUGEOT

It’s underpinned by the same STLA Medium platform that its smaller sibling uses, only with a longer 2.9m wheelbase. It will be offered with five different powertrain options:

  • Two single-motor variants with either 157kW (210hp) or 170kW (230hp) and 345Nm
  • A dual-motor variant with 237kW (322hp) and 345Nm
  • A self-charging hybrid (5008 Hybrid)
  • A plug-in hybrid variant

The 400V NMC (nickel, manganese and cobalt) battery of the EV variants should be good for anything from 500km to 660km of electric range, and should allow a 10-minute charge to gain 100km. A 30-minute charge will bump the state of charge from 20% to 80%.

With Astara Philippines currently offering the 5008 that’s sourced from Malaysia, it’s unsure if we’ll see this one in our market without a substantial price bump as it will be built at the Sochaux plant in France.

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