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The Genesis Neolun Concept is an exercise in modesty

Electric luxury SUV goes easy on the shiny exterior bits

The Neolun Concept might be the preview of a future Genesis electric SUV. PHOTO FROM GENESIS

Those wanting to fly under the radar on the road will not be able to do it in today’s crop of luxury SUVs. Big alloy wheels, wild paint jobs, and shiny chrome exterior bits are some of the ways these vehicles become attention magnets. However, it seems like Genesis might have a solution for anyone looking for less flashy forms of personal transport.

It's refreshing to see a luxury SUV without too much chrome trim. PHOTOS FROM GENESIS

The premium marque has just debuted the Neolun Concept. The name is a weird portmanteau of the Greek word neo (meaning “new”) and the Latin word luna (meaning “moon”). The lunar reference is no coincidence as Genesis claims the design is inspired by Korean moon-shaped porcelain jars.

While the front end has running lights that look like Nicki Minaj’s lips, everything else is pleasantly subtle. There are no excessive lashings of chrome, and the Neolun’s curvaceous profile has flared fenders that are not too wide. The two-tone paint job supposedly mimics Korea’s night sky, and is tastefully complemented by the large-diameter wheels.

Heating elements are scattered throughout the cozy cabin. PHOTOS FROM GENESIS

Opening the doors reveals the absence of a B-pillar, which makes the cabin feel airy. Pretty much every piece of interior trim is said to be heated just like the floors of Korean restaurants. The front seats can be rotated to face the rear, and occupants can rest their feet on a real wooden floor.

Not only is the Neolun Concept demonstrating the expertise of Genesis’s design department, but it is also an indication of the brand’s technical direction. This car is the automaker’s first full-size electric SUV concept, so it wouldn’t come as a surprise if future offerings come with battery power.

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