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Rivian’s latest platform spawns new models

These can sprint to 60mph (almost 100km/h) in less than 3 seconds

Rivian is keen on branching out into other market segments. PHOTO FROM RIVIAN

While Tesla’s approach to off-roaders is making jaws drop for the wrong reasons, Rivian’s strategy is to show prospective buyers how smartly packaged electric cars can be. Its R1S and R1T have been received well by consumers because of their versatility. Because of that, it seems like the American EV maker is now confident enough to take the fight to other market segments.

The company is now expanding its range with the R2 and the R3. In terms of size, these will slot below its current products and offer the same clever design ethos in a smaller vehicle. Making this possible is Rivian’s newly developed midsize platform.

The R2 will have a starting price of $45,000. PHOTOS FROM RIVIAN

The five-seat R2 has a boxy profile that should allow owners to maximize its carrying capacity with ease. Rivian is particularly proud of the fact that the rear glass can be dropped for easy access into the load area. The R2’s steering wheel also has haptic feedback that Rivian believes will reduce driver distractions.

On the other hand, the R3 appears to be a sportier iteration of the R2. With its sloping hatchback, its dimensions seem to be more compact, which will cater to buyers looking for an even smaller vehicle. Rivian even has its sights on competent drivers with a high-performance version called the R3X.

The cute R3 is just as versatile as the rest of Rivian's range. PHOTOS FROM RIVIAN

Both the R2 and the R3 will be available in single-, dual-, and triple-motor variants. The most powerful configuration can reportedly sprint to 60mph (97km/h) in under three seconds, so there is clearly no shortage of performance. Two battery sizes will be offered, with the larger one having enough endurance for over 300 miles (483km) of driving.

Pricing for the R2 starts at $45,000, and production is slated to begin in 2026 at a facility in Normal, Illinois. Interested parties can now place reservations here. The R3 is expected to be priced lower still, making it accessible to customers with tighter budgets.

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