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Someone already modified the Tesla Cybertruck

Unplugged Performance now has accessories for it

This Tesla Cybertruck looks ready for extraterrestrial off-roading. PHOTO FROM UNPLUGGED PERFORMANCE

Just as the world’s most awesome or ridiculous (depending on which camp you are in) pickup truck has been properly released, someone has already gone and dialed the looks up to 11.

California-based Unplugged Performance will now happily take your electric dollars and give you some shiny parts to stick to your Tesla Cybertruck in return, making it look even more outlandish than it already is.

Does the Cybertruck look better with these aftermarket parts? PHOTOS FROM UNPLUGGED PERFORMANCE

Under the name UP Invincible, the firm has developed a collection of parts that are primarily aimed at making the oddly shaped vehicle perform better while trying to conquer harsh terrains. Among the available products are a 2.5-inch lift kit, new front and rear bumpers, a bull bar, rock sliders, an underbody armor, and a roof rack.

A completely new wheel and brake setup is also for sale, as are wheel spacers and corresponding carbon-fiber fender flares. You can also stick a carbon-fiber hood on your truck, and add a few new storage options with a bed-slider system and rear bumper add-ons. All of that will no doubt help you stand out from the crowd even more while going off-road or just on the way to the mall.

Good luck finding a charging station in the desert. PHOTO FROM UNPLUGGED PERFORMANCE

If you add almost all the bits from the collection to your Cybertruck, then you’ll have to pay a good $40,000 (P2,211,000).

That sounds like a lot, especially if you consider that the Cybertruck itself starts at $60,990 (P3,371,000), but fans of the brand will likely be happy to shell out the extra money anyway.

Unplugged Performance is also looking beyond private buyers, and is apparently developing kits for use by emergency services and the military.

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