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A design agency came up with the perfect garage for the Tesla Cybertruck

The so-called Cybunker doubles as a self-sustaining dwelling unit

Imagine a luxury garage you can install anywhere. IMAGE FROM LARS BÜRO

Last month, the whole world gawked at the out-of-this-world Tesla Cybertruck when the electric workhorse was unveiled by the spectacularly eccentric Elon Musk. The opinions were divided, although it was more like 80-20—with 80% of observers bashing and ridiculing the exterior design of Tesla’s new offering. The running joke was that they would have been better off hiring a five-year-old to sketch the vehicle’s body.

Well, it turns out there are really more people who love the Cybertruck’s styling than most of us assume. Apparently, even people who deal with aesthetics professionally. Like the New York-based design, research and visualization agency Lars Büro, which seems to be so smitten with the Cybertruck that it has come up with a concept for a self-sustaining dwelling unit that is being claimed to be the perfect garage for Tesla’s much-ridiculed pickup. Meet the Cybunker.

We would love to have this thing next to our house. IMAGE FROM LARS BÜRO

Although Lars Büro didn’t specifically mention the Tesla Cybertruck in the Cybunker’s online presentation, the love-it-or-hate-it vehicle can be clearly seen in some of the images of the steel-monocoque structure that seems to mimic the pickup’s aerodynamic shape. The futuristic garage boasts its own microgrid that makes it self-sustaining even in isolated areas.

Picture yourself spending lazy days just being here. IMAGES FROM LARS BÜRO

The modular architecture, according to the design agency, can function as “a high-tech depot, an accessory dwelling unit or an off-grid residence.” With a 167sq-m interior layout, the unit is made more spacious-looking by panoramic surfaces made of, er, armor glass. Let’s just hope it’s a lot tougher than the supposedly impenetrable material Musk bragged about on the Cybertruck.

There are many things you can do with this, yeah? IMAGES FROM LARS BÜRO

The base portion of the unit contains “the utility and computer systems, the pumps and the battery bank that stores all energy generated on the roof’s seamless PV cladding.” The thing, in other words, is like a compact modern-day Noah’s Ark.

No, the Tesla Cybertruck isn’t towing the Cybunker here, but Elon Musk wishes it were. IMAGE FROM LARS BÜRO

You’re probably thinking this Cybunker is just some creative exercise made by bored designers just to troll Elon Musk, but you’re wrong. Because you can actually contact the company at [email protected] if you’re interested in this space-age garage. Just make sure you have the money—and a reservation order for the Cybertruck.

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