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The Brabus 1300 R is a KTM superbike that sold out in less than 2 minutes

One minute and 55 seconds, to be exact

The Brabus 1300 R is the KTM bike for those who aren't into the KTM design. PHOTO FROM KTM

KTM’s 1290 Super Duke R Evo is a fantastic machine. It has 180hp, WP Apex semi-active suspension, multiple ride modes, yada, yada, yada. It’s a naked superbike with the kind of face-peeling performance that will give many supercars a run for their money.

And for those who want to combine that bike’s glorious numbers with bespoke components from Brabus—one of the world’s best-known automotive aftermarket brands—then there is the Brabus 1300 R. The company has long been known as a purveyor of souped-up Mercedes-Benzes, Smarts and Maybachs, but this time the German tuning house partnered with the Austrian giant to make the 1290 Super Duke R Evo even more special.

The superbike features two signature paint schemes of Magma Red and Signature Black. Only 77 units of each color will be produced, the number being chosen to commemorate 1977, the year that Maybach was founded.

Numerous custom details justify the Brabus partnership. PHOTO FROM KTM

While the chassis, the engine and other main components have been retained, this bike wears Monoblock Z nine-spoked forged wheels, high-end carbon-fiber body elements including the skid plate and the pillion seat cover, and a custom-made seat. The slip-on double-pipe exhaust is also custom, as well as the air ducts and the headlight masks. The Germans also fabricated CNC-machined triple clamps, adjustable front brake, clutch levers, foot pegs, and reservoirs and oil tank caps.

Gone is the angry “insectoid” look of the Super Duke, replaced with a distinctly muscular aesthetic, with a bit of a fighter jet appeal with those gaping air intakes.

With only 154 units to be made, we doubt you’ll ever see two parked side by side. PHOTO FROM KTM

Unless you live in Europe and South Africa, you’re out of luck because it won’t be sold elsewhere. Which may be a moot point, because the preorder window went live on February 14, and all 154 units were reserved in just one minute and 55 seconds. If you’re willing be put on a wait list and can figure out how to import the bike, set aside 3,000 (P175,000) for a deposit, and a lot more for the final price, estimated to be in the area of 39,500 (P2,301,000), depending on what other gewgaws you want to come with the bike.

Andy Leuterio

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