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Omoda previews its 5 EV in a sci-fi trailer

Snow, skycrapers, bass-heavy music...the works

Another EV is coming very soon. PHOTO FROM OMODA

If you follow Omoda’s social media accounts, the Chinese luxury car brand has recently uploaded a short, animated film highlighting its upcoming 5 EVE-Future Ranger.”

Set against standard sci-fi tropes like plenty of snow, robots, holograms, skyscrapers, and whatnot, it could be a trailer for another Netflix B-movie. Instead, it’s a stylized manner to preview an entry into an increasingly crowded EV market.

This might be what the actual cockpit looks like sans the hologram. SCREENSHOT FROM OMODA

And going by the press material, it has a lot going for it. The Omoda 5 EV will use a highly efficient and quiet electric drive system with a 61kWh high-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery for long range and rapid charging.

The battery material offers high safety and stability, being less prone to combustion or explosion when damaged. It also has no “memory effect,” allowing the user to charge it at any time without the need to discharge it first.

Will this car take off in real life? SCREENSHOT FROM OMODA

The cockpit is powered by Qualcomm chips for smooth human-vehicle interaction, utilizing a 24.6-inch curved 2K HD dual-screen system. More computer than car, the 5 EV will offer up to 10 driving modes and 19 advanced intelligent driving-assistance functions.

While we’re on the topic of sci-fi, Omoda would also like to introduce you to the “O-Universe,” a community of “Omoders” sharing snippets of their lives with the cars as focal points.

The PR went off on a tangent about parallel dimensions and transcendence, and then we weren’t sure what they really meant anymore.

Anyway, if the trailer has your interest piqued for the Omoda 5 EV, you can see it in the sheet metal at this year’s Manila International Auto Show.

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