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The McLaren 600LT is Woking’s newest bad boy

Only the fourth model from the brand to carry ‘Longtail’ name

At 1,247kg, this is 96kg lighter than the 570S Coupe. PHOTO FROM MCLAREN

“Longtail” is a name of great significance to McLaren. This name is only bestowed upon models that deliver the purest of driving experiences without any compromises. Only three cars in McLaren’s history have been deemed worthy enough to be given the Longtail name: the F1 GTR Longtail, the 675LT Coupe and the 675LT Spider. Woking is again resurrecting this revered cognomen in the form of the 600LT.

Production will reportedly be ‘strictly limited’. PHOTO FROM MCLAREN

The McLaren 600LT is basically a hardcore version of the 570S Coupe. Just like its Longtail predecessors, the core of the 600LT’s performance improvements is a no-frills approach to a track-focused sports car by means of enhanced aerodynamics and weight reduction along with upgrades to the powertrain and the suspension.

The supercar has bespoke Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires. PHOTOS FROM MCLAREN

The Longtail treatment starts with what gives the 600LT its name. The car’s silhouette is longer than the 570S Coupe by 74mm because of its extended front splitter and rear diffuser. But despite the increase in the car’s physical dimensions, it is actually lighter than the 570S Coupe by 96kg due to the extensive use of carbon fiber in the monocoque tub and bodywork.

The 600LT has a power-to-weight ratio of 474hp/ton. PHOTOS FROM MCLAREN

Further weight reduction measures are also implemented in the interior. Carbon-fiber racing seats from the McLaren P1 are standard equipment as well as the Alcantara interior trim. And for customers who want to shave off more mass from their 600LT, superlight carbon-fiber seats developed for the Senna are available as an optional extra. McLaren Special Operations even offers an optional carbon-fiber roof and vented front fenders. With all these options fitted, the lightest dry weight of the 600LT (no fluids, no passengers, no cargo) is 1,247kg.

This being a Longtail, it is only fitting that it’s the car’s tail part that offers the most drama. PHOTOS FROM MCLAREN

Mounted behind the cabin is McLaren’s 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8. Performance tweaks such as an upgraded cooling system and an exhaust system derived from the Senna bring out the best in this engine with 592hp of grunt and 620Nm of twist. Combined with the extremely light body, the power-to-weight ratio is an astonishing 474hp/ton. And the proverbial cherry on top of this beast is the fact that it screams through upward-facing exhaust pipes mounted on the engine cover.

What you see here is mostly functional, not cosmetic. PHOTO FROM MCLAREN

Longtail McLarens are renowned for their track-focused dynamics. To this end, enhancements to the bodywork and the larger splitter and diffuser deliver substantial downforce for improved stability at high speeds. A forged-aluminum suspension system combined with bespoke Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires give the driver unparalleled cornering performance. The lack of creature comforts ensures that no compromises are made to give the driver an incredibly tactile experience behind the wheel.

The perches of the lucky owner and his passenger. PHOTO FROM MCLAREN

The McLaren 600LT is now the fastest Sports Series model from the British manufacturer. And just like with past Longtails before it, Woking will only produce a limited number of this hand-built masterpiece. McLaren even claims that specially made carbon-fiber panels will make the 600LT even rarer than its Sports Series brothers. If you’re interested, prices start at £185,500 (P13,060,000), which is inclusive of a track day with expert driver training.

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