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TOM’S Racing rolls out new tuning car programs for 2024

At 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon to celebrate its 50th anniversary

Don't be surprised to see this on our roads soon. PHOTOS FROM TOM'S RACING

TOM’S Racing unveiled its complete car lineup at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon to showcase the brand’s tuning program for 2024. The first three models are the Toyota Alphard, the GR Corolla, and the Lexus IS500.

The Alphard features TOM’S bodykit that is meant to give a sense of “self-satisfaction” to its owner. As you know, Japan has a very strong ‘vannning’ or van culture, and these vans are popular tuning platforms. The Alphard rides on massive 20-inch forged TOM’S TWF05 wheels shod with 245/45 Bridgestone Alenza LX100 tires. Behind the rolling stock up front are equally massive TOM’S x Brembo GT six-piston brake calipers to stop the Alphard on a dime.

Out of all the cars, the IS500 doesn't need much upgrade to begin with. PHOTOS FROM TOM'S RACING

Next is the Lexus IS500, which also features subtle aero enhancements reminiscent of motorsports. It rides on a staggered set of the aforementioned TOM’S TWF05 forged wheels, 20×8.5 up front and 20×9.5 at the back. It wears 245/35 fronts and 275/35 rears from Bridgestone’s S007 lineup.

It’s brought closer to the ground for better handling thanks to TOM’S Advox adjustable coilovers. Of course, it also hides the massive TOM’S x Brembo GT six-piston brake calipers behind the front wheels and tires.

Yes, all five of those exhaust tips are functional. PHOTOS FROM TOM'S RACING

The third car announced days before the show was the GR Corolla. This is the third collaboration with Toyota Gazoo Racing factory driver Takamoto Katsuta, who competes in Japanese Formula 3 and FIA World Rally Championship.

Katsuta wanted to give the larger Corolla the feel of a WRC machine, and his guiding ethos was to immerse the Corolla in a tuning program that carries the spirit and the feel of one. TOM’S once again provides subtle bodykit with some parts made from carbon fiber.

Footwork consists of Advox adjustable coilovers and forged TOM’S TWF01 wheels sized 18 inches all around, shod with 255/35 Bridgestone Potenza RE71RS performance tires.

The star of the TOM'S booth at the show. PHOTOS FROM TOM'S RACING

Additionally, TOM’S finally unveiled the other half of its tuning car program for 2024 in the form of the Toyota Prius, the Lexus LM, and a restomodded A80 Supra.

The Supra is perhaps the sentimental and oldest favorite. It’s wrapped in a TRD 3000 GT wide-body kit that adds two inches in girth. Rolling stock consists of TOM’S x Bridgestone forged wheels in gold, wrapped in Bridgestone RE71RS tires, with Advox adjustable coilovers for better handling.

Backing them up are the TOM’S x Brembo GT six-piston calipers. It also has a TOM’S tower bar in the engine bay to increase torsional rigidity, and Bride Edirb bucket seats to hold you firmly in place. A sports muffler provides a subtle growl.

The Prius looks even hotter with thee subtle TOM'S upgrades. PHOTOS FROM TOM'S RACING

The next car is the hybrid Prius. It has evolved from the ugly duckling it once was when first unveiled in 1997 to the latest fifth generation unveiled two years ago, which is a desirable looker.

The tuning program adds an aggressive bodykit that points to the future of an electrified sports car. It has design cues from the Super GT series that the Prius competes in.

Advox coilovers drop the Prius to make it slice through the air more efficiently, and the car rolls on 19-inch TOM’S TWF03 forged wheels shod with Bridgestone Regno GR-XII tires, sized 225/45 all around.

Who needs a Maybach when you have this? PHOTOS FROM TOM'S RACING

The last car on the 2024 tuning program is the Lexus LM. For this, TOM’S focused on the interior, utilizing a custom carpet with hints of traditional Japanese patterns dating as far back as Japan’s rich samurai age.

There is also a custom overhead console to add more convenience for the occupants. The exterior is finished off with forged TOM’S TWF05 wheels measuring 20 inches all around, shod with 245/45 Bridgestone Alenza LX100 tires.

All these mods are simple and subtly non-aggressive, but they crucially offer factory-correct fitment so as not to risk failing to secure a shaken, the Japanese government’s road safety and compliance certificate necessary for continued legal road use registration for all motor vehicles.

Normally, such modifications will also not affect the warranty, making these conservative modifications popular with the typical Japanese enthusiast.

Excited? We’re curious who will be the first to bring in a complete set of TOM’S parts and accessories for their Toyota or Lexus.

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