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Mitsubishi gears up for winter at 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon

The new Triton is the star of the show

Is Mitsubishi slowly getting back into the groove? PHOTO FROM MITSUBISHI

Mitsubishi has been pushing for a renaissance since 2022 after the return of Ralliart and its participation in the Asia Cross Country Rally. Complementing its off-road-oriented rebirth, the triple-diamond brand is swinging in this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon with customized models dedicated to traversing snowy mountains and more.

Meaner and meanest. PHOTOS FROM MITSUBISHI

Mitsubishi is set to release the new Triton in Japan next month, returning to the midsize pickup truck segment in its home market since 2011. To showcase what owners could do with the model, the unit on the show floor will be fitted with genuine accessories such as bolt-on fender arches, side door garnishes, and a tonneau cover.

Standing beside the OEM+ Triton is a specially modified model designed for snowy terrain. The Snow Shredder Concept beefs up its looks and utility with a typical buff bull bar, a roof-mounted LED bar, and camping equipment for the frosty adventurers.

Ready to conquer any frosty landscape or city street. PHOTOS FROM MITSUBISHI

Another snow-themed edition for the booth features the Delica D:5 and the Delica Mini. The Chamonix Snow Gear is an enhanced version of the already winter-ready Chamonix trim for both models, first unveiled last November.

Aside from the arctic camouflage decals, the two Delica siblings receive a sculpted bash bar, a blacked-out grille, a roof rack with two variations of lights, and a set of eight-spoke off-road wheels—all fit for their respective sizes.

What else will Mitsubishi and Ralliart have in store for 2024? PHOTOS FROM MITSUBISHI

Lastly, the Outlander PHEV goes for a more subtle approach with the Active Field edition. The blacked-out grille, additional matte padding, roof rack, and a set of Yokohama Geolandar R/T add more character to Mitsubishi’s bestseller.

Besides the production-based vehicles, Ralliart will also showcase the Triton and Delica duo that took home third place at the Asia Cross Country Rally last year.

You can visit the Tokyo Auto Salon provided you are around Makuhari Messe this weekend starting tomorrow.

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