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3 Mitsubishi cars bag ‘Good Design Award’ in Japan

The Triton, the Xforce, and Delica Mini are the recipients

These are three good-looking vehicles, don't you think? PHOTO FROM MITSUBISHI

A vehicle’s design is one of the biggest factors that make or break it for buyers, as it is said that the way a car looks reflects one’s personality. And if you’re an auto manufacturer that has won multiple design awards for its new cars like Mitsubishi, you know that you are doing something right.

Three of the brand’s vehicles—the Xforce, the Triton, and the Delica Mini—have all won the Good Design Award 2023, beating out the new Toyota Prius for the Automobile category thanks to the carmaker’s overall design philosophy of “Robust and Ingenious.”

These two winners are destined for global markets, including ours. PHOTOS FROM MITSUBISHI

According to the jury, the Triton distinguishes itself from the other commercial vehicles with a “front face with a strong presence and distinctive lighting, horizontally themed silhouette and square fenders” to convey the brand’s identity, and a “spacious cabin that offers user-friendly features.”

As for the Xforce (which will not be sold in Japan), the design gives it a “sense of massiveness despite the vehicle’s compact size,” and a skillful blending of colors, materials, and finishes to “make the interior create a sense of excitement to match the external profile.”

Finally, the Delica Mini gives off an “impression of a sturdy tool that is firm and powerful, but also succeeds in giving a sense of affability and playfulness with the interior.”

We wish we could get this adorably rugged van. PHOTO FROM MITSUBISHI

For the uninitiated, this award started back in 1957 by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion for products that “reflect Japanese design values and principles that aim to enrich lives, industries, and society.”

Previous automotive winners include the MG GT (2021) and Suzuki Jimny (2018), but this award isn’t limited to just vehicles, as many other products such as vacuum cleaners, trains, shoes, and even testing kits get recognized.

So, kudos to Mitsubishi Motors for releasing and designing some very desirable vehicles that we may soon see on our shores (except the Delica Mini, of course).

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