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MMDA to provisionally deputize enforcers in NCR

Ordinances of LGUs will be collated for revision of traffic code

Deputized enforcers will have the authority to issue tickets for traffic violations. PHOTO BY SAM SURLA

The recent announcement of the Supreme Court’s decision was a double-edge sword for the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority. While it affirmed the agency’s authority over traffic management in Metro Manila, it opened the door for some motorists to defy local enforcers—despite the MMDA’s clarification.

According to MMDA acting chairman Don Artes, the MMDA and the Metro Manila Council agreed to have each LGU submit a list of traffic enforcers to be granted provisional deputization until the end of the year, as mentioned in this Facebook post.

Meanwhile, MMC president Francis Zamora said those who pass the MMDA’s standards and qualifications will have IDs that indicate their deputization.

LGUs were also asked to submit a list of their local traffic ordinances for the revision of the 2023 Metro Manila Traffic Code to make it as comprehensive as possible.

“We have agreed to give local traffic enforcers in Metro Manila provisional authority for now to prevent anarchy on the roads,” said Artes.

While we affirm the need for authority to have order on the streets, we hope the enforcers wield it responsibly.

Leandro Mangubat

Leandro is our staff writer. Although having a background in mechanical engineering, he enjoys photography and writing more.