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MMDA to ban e-bikes and e-trikes on major roads come April

A driver’s license will also be required to operate these

E-trikes on major roads are a common sight that often leads to frustration or disaster. PHOTO FROM CHESTER CABARLOC

Everyone’s favorite new “King of the Road” is finally being regulated by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.

Come April, these light e-vehicles (including tricycles and kuliglig) will be prohibited from accessing major roads across the National Capital Region under the MMDA’s jurisdiction.

According to a statement by MMDA acting chair Don Artes, MMDA Regulation No. 24-022 series of 2024 will “prohibit the use of e-vehicles (such as e-bikes and e-trikes) as well as tricycles, pedicabs, pushcarts, and kuliglig on national, circumferential and radial roads in NCR.

These vehicles will be prohibited to traverse major roads, and require a license to operate. PHOTOS BY FRANK SCHUENGEL AND MANSKEE NASCIMENTO

Violate this rule, and you will be fined P2,500 on the spot.

This also means that these light vehicles will now require a driver’s license to operate. If the driver fails to present his/her license upon apprehension, the vehicle will be subject to impoundment.

Hopefully, scenes like this will be a less common sight come April. PHOTO FROM BENEDICK MESTIOLA

Here are the roads where this prohibition will be enforced:

  • C1: Recto Avenue
  • C2: President Quirino Avenue
  • C3: Araneta Avenue
  • C4: EDSA
  • C5: Katipunan/C.P. Garcia
  • C6: Southeast Metro Manila Expressway
  • R1: Roxas Boulevard
  • R2: Taft Avenue
  • R3: Osmeña Highway (formerly South Superhighway)
  • R4: Shaw Boulevard
  • R5: Ortigas Avenue
  • R6: Magsaysay Boulevard/Aurora Boulevard
  • R7: Quezon Avenue/Commonwealth Avenue
  • R8: A. Bonifacio Avenue
  • R9: Rizal Avenue
  • R10: Del Pan/Marcos Highway/MacArthur Highway
  • Elliptical Road
  • Mindanao Avenue
  • Marcos Highway
  • Boni Avenue (Mandaluyong)
  • España Boulevard

The MMDA registered 554 road crash incidents involving these e-vehicles last year.

Here’s hoping this would lead to a proper regulatory guide on these vehicles instead of the vague classification system of the LTO.

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