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Someone leaked the new Toyota Innova ahead of its launch

Do you like what you see?

The new Innova looks more SUV than MPV, even if it's riding on a unibody platform. PHOTO FROM SOURCE

Oops, it looks like someone managed to snag a few photos of the all-new Toyota Innova and leak them out onto the Internet, allowing people to get their first look at the vehicle’s front fascia and dashboard. And oddly enough, the vehicle looks more SUV-like than MPV thanks to the subtle black cladding and generous ride height—despite rumors pointing to the vehicle’s hybrid drivetrain riding on brand-new TNGA underpinnings, which are unibody instead of the IMV’s ladder-frame construction.

It looks like the new Innova will have a more upscale interior with its panoramic glass roof. PHOTOS FROM SOURCE AND TOYOTA

As for the interior, it looks almost unrecognizable when compared to the current generation. It receives a two-layered construction with more storage cubbyholes (and cupholders!), a brand-new steering wheel, a tombstone-style infotainment screen, and dual-zone climate controls. Also shown in an official photo is the presence of a panoramic glass roof with ambient lighting, a frameless auto-dimming rearview mirror, and possibly some rear-mounted screens, meaning that the new Innova will be more luxurious this time around.

The more prevalent leaks and teasers mean the vehicle’s official launch is imminent, so stay tuned.

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