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Can you guess which popular SUV the new Suzuki Across is based on?

The rebadged plug-in hybrid model has been launched in Europe

Yes, you’ve seen those lines and curves before. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

Suzuki has introduced a new compact SUV called Across in Europe, and its overall shape looks intriguingly familiar. That’s because this is actually a rebadged Toyota RAV4. According to the press statement, this is “the first model supplied from Toyota Motor Corporation under the collaborative business agreement between Toyota and Suzuki.”

Fun fact: Suzuki had a motorcycle named Across back in the 1990s.

The profile is undeniably that of the Toyota RAV4. PHOTOS FROM SUZUKI

The Across is a plug-in hybrid model that features the so-called E-Four electronic 4×4 system. The internal-combustion component of the hybrid propulsion is the 2.5-liter A25A-FXS Dynamic Force gasoline engine (182hp and 227Nm), while the electric motor (134kW and 270Nm) works in tandem with an 18.1kWh lithium-ion battery.

You need to plug in the Across for its electric juice. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

The cockpit—particularly the steering wheel, the dashboard and the center console—is a dead giveaway that this is just the RAV4 in Suzuki clothing.

It’s surreal seeing Suzuki’s badge on the steering wheel. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

It seems rebadging in the automotive industry isn’t going away anytime soon. It saves car manufacturers a lot of time and money. If casual buyers don’t mind the crisscrossing brand values, then we guess it’s fine. It’s not like purists and enthusiasts account for a huge slice of the passenger car market anyway.

So, which one do you prefer: Suzuki Across or Toyota RAV4?

Vernon B. Sarne

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