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Here’s the McLaren to end all McLarens

The Senna Carbon Theme is truly over the top

Bruce Wayne might actually like this. PHOTO FROM MCLAREN

The new McLaren Senna is already a stunning performance car above and beyond most other models that ever carried this title, but it wouldn’t be a McLaren if the Woking-based company wasn’t able to fiddle with it and make it that little bit better, lighter and crazier. That’s precisely what the men and women under CEO Mike Flewitt did, and the result is the even-more-out-of-this-world McLaren Senna Carbon Theme.

As if the Senna name alone wasn't good enough. PHOTOS FROM MCLAREN

Created by McLaren Special Operations, the Senna Carbon Theme, as the name suggests, uses plenty of carbon-fiber elements in place of other materials used on the standard version. The whole bodykit consists of 67 parts and takes 1,000 hours to produce, giving the car an even more aggressive and outlandish look as a result. The front active aero blades, the side sill exteriors and the rear wing are painted yellow in a process that takes 250 hours to complete, while the brake calipers have been given a green coat of paint. Stare at the car and the color scheme of Ayrton Senna’s helmet will subtly stand out to you, an effect that was entirely intended and that suits the car extremely well.

There is nothing regular about this car. Nothing. PHOTOS FROM MCLAREN

The company also used the unveiling of the Carbon Theme model as an opportunity to present its latest shiny wheel to go with the carbon body. Called the MSO 7-Spoke Hybrid Carbon Fiber Wheel, it weighs as little as 7.5kg without the tire and is 10% lighter than the standard wheel fitted to the Senna. Drivers of the car will benefit from this weight saving by experiencing improved acceleration, braking and steering responses thanks to the reduction in rotating inertia. That is, of course, if the car is ever actually being driven on road or track, as many of these beautiful machines will sadly end up gathering dust in private collections.

We won't blame the driver if he or she doesn't want to step out of this car anymore. PHOTOS FROM MCLAREN

If you now fancy saving a Senna from disappearing in a super-secure supercar garage by going out and buying one, we have two bits of bad news for you. First, it’s horrendously expensive at £750,000 (P53,500,000) for the base car and then another £300,000 (P21,400,000) for the Carbon Theme on top of that. Second, all 500 Senna units are already spoken for, meaning you’ll have to opt for a secondhand example that will likely carry a hefty markup. Being extraordinary sure isn’t cheap.

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