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Omoda PH plans to debut its lifestyle ecosystem in the country

O-Universe will be the home for local and international owners

Looks like a teaser for the next ‘Aliens’ movie, but it isn't. PHOTO FROM OMODA

Omoda has been making a big impression in the Philippine automotive landscape ahead of its anticipated launch of the Omoda 5 in October. For now, the up-and-coming Chinese youth brand has announced that its worldwide lifestyle ecosystem will also be launched in our country simultaneously.

For the frugal yet chic Omoder. PHOTO FROM OMODA

First announced earlier in March, O-Universe is set to be the global home for future Omoders, a term Omoda coined for its vehicle owners. This premium hub is divided into four distinct categories:

O-Fashion plans to partner with clothing apparel brands that would offer exclusive discounts and early sales before everyone else.

O-Club will pamper its members with VIP levels of travel, dining and clubbing experience.

O-Life will invite loyal Omoders to embark on philanthropic programs while also giving away fuel discounts.

O-Lab will be the direct online platform for Omoda, where owners would stay up to date with the latest news, communicate with other members of the community, and provide feedback for how the brand could elevate further down the line.

A whole new world will open alongside the Omoda 5. PHOTO FROM OMODA

Considering this is Chery Automobile‘s attempt at going upmarket, this marketing move sets high expectations for Omoda’s customers down the road. Will O-Universe be a runaway success?

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