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Omoda will be sharing dealership space with new Chinese brand

Expect SUVs from Jaecoo to show up in the same showroom floor as its cars

The Omoda 5 won't be alone in showrooms once it makes its debut on Philippine soil. PHOTO FROM OMODA

If you’re excited about Omoda‘s entry into the Philippines, we have more details about the brand’s plans after a brief meeting with its executives from China earlier today.

The company is still in discussions with potential partners, but interestingly, one of the executives mentioned that it is also considering handling the distribution and operations itself. If this were to be true, this would be a first for a Chinese brand in the Philippine market.

As for its vehicle, the Omoda 5, most of the information we provided in our previous article is still the same, even down to its target price of under P1.5 million. We did find out that it will be offered with a five-year or 150,000km standard warranty, so potential owners can rest easy.

The brand’s timeline to launch in our market is around the end of this year, and to have a target of 8-10 dealers as well. These dealerships will share space with another brand called Jaecoo (like how Jaguar-Land Rover is set up in our country).

Unfortunately, there’s not much information online about this new Chinese brand, but we were told that it specializes in ICE and PHEV SUVs, so its offerings could complement the youth-oriented lineup of Omoda.

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