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MG Cyberster world tour reaches the Philippines

Electric sports car to be driven by twin British adventurers

The Cyberster is crossing continents (sort of) on MG's 100th birthday. PHOTO FROM MG

British marque MG is turning 100 this year. As with anyone or anything reaching such a milestone, it must be celebrated with something rather grand. On this occasion, the automaker will be taking its Cyberster electric sports car around the world. And the Philippines is one of the stops.

Hugo and Ross Turner are on a mission to recreate the Silk Road. PHOTO FROM MG

The Cyberster is currently on a seven-month journey from the United Kingdom to China. This is said to be a recreation of the Silk Road, a network of historically significant overland trade routes that connected Europe and Asia until the 15th century.

But instead of animal-drawn caravans trundling along at walking pace, the Cyberster will be doing a lot of the heavy lifting. This modern take on the Silk Road is 16,000km. It started in September last year at MG’s birthplace in Oxford. So far, the car has been around Europe and the Middle East. From what we understand, the tour is now on its Southeast Asian leg before heading up north to China.

The twins have done crazy things like cross the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat. PHOTOS FROM THE TURNER TWINS

Taking the Cyberster around the world are Hugo and Ross Turner. Known as The Turner Twins, they are British adventurers who have been to some of the most remote places on earth. The duo is well known for their daring expeditions like rowing across the Atlantic Ocean and trekking over the Greenland ice cap in 100-year-old mountaineering gear.

But even with that kind of experience under their belts, it certainly won’t be easy for the twins to avoid wayward e-trikes and motorcycles in a low-slung sports car. However, the brothers seem to be up for the challenge of taking MG’s most stylish vehicle around Metro Manila and central and southern Luzon.

You can track the progress of the Cyberster’s world tour here. If you’re interested in seeing the vehicle in the metal, it will be on display at the 2024 Manila International Auto Show on April 4-7.

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