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LG’s in-car cameras will literally watch over you

So you don’t fall asleep at the wheel of your autonomous car

LG's electronic eyes constantly monitor your every move. PHOTO FROM LG

The main problem with autonomous cars is that automation becomes a lousy excuse for drivers to not focus on the road. We’ve seen several instances of systems being defeated by cunning individuals—some of which have had disastrous consequences. But the future will inevitably include driverless vehicles, and electronics giant LG wants to make it a safe one for the general public.

It can sense the presence of people and objects. PHOTOS FROM LG

The South Korean firm has technology that can accurately detect people and objects inside the cabin. This is called the interior monitoring system, which can allegedly distinguish any item that’s within its field of vision. It’s ability to identify stuff like cups or bags is indeed impressive, but one of the IMS’s goals is a life-saving one.

Cases of children being left inside cars are common, so IMS can help solve this by recognizing the presence of a child in the cabin. The system can be programmed to alert the driver or guardian, which could potentially save the life of the minor before he or she succumbs to heat inside the car.

It knows when you're not focusing on the road even if you're wearing a mask. PHOTO FROM LG

LG also has a way to watch over the driver and learn his or her behavior. This is called the driver monitoring system (of course). It claims that this can sense fatigue or concentration levels, which can prevent an inattentive user from continuing to drive. The system is so advanced that it can apparently do its job even if the driver is wearing a mask.

The company says that its camera solutions are being supplied to various automakers, and that its technology can be easily integrated with in-car software such as infotainment systems. While such features usually debut on luxury vehicles, they will eventually be cheap enough to be equipped on mass-market rides.

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