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Super Cruise by General Motors is still the best self-driving tech

To be equipped in more than 20 models over the next three years

The CT6 has just been discontinued, but you can get Super Cruise in other Cadillac vehicles. PHOTO FROM CADILLAC

Autonomous driving technology is becoming more and more commonplace today. One of the most popular ones is Tesla’s Autopilot. But in Consumer Reports’ recent evaluation of these self-driving systems, GM’s Super Cruise came out on top once again.

The assessment process for these systems is more complicated than most people think. Aside from testing the performance of various features like lane-keep assist and adaptive cruise control, how the systems respond to unusual situations such as unresponsive or inattentive drivers is under scrutiny. The Super Cruise-equipped Cadillac CT6 scored 69 out of 100 points, edging out the Tesla Model 3’s Autopilot with 57.

Tesla's Autopilot is the easiest to use. PHOTO FROM TESLA

One noteworthy feature of the Cadillac system is the driver-facing infrared camera which actively monitors attention levels and triggers a combination of aural and visual alerts should it detect a significant drop in engagement. In addition, Super Cruise only works with pre-mapped roads and cannot be activated once the vehicle drives out of the preset boundaries.

According to Consumer Reports, car buyers must be extremely familiar with how these self-driving systems work. In addition, based on the evaluations, these technologies cannot completely take over driving duties. To that end, the testing body mentioned that automakers must refrain from falsely marketing such systems as being totally autonomous.

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