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Lexus amps up the RZ450e even more with an F Sport variant

This will have a 100-unit production run

Meet the limited-run RZ450e F Sport Performance. PHOTO FROM LEXUS

Well, it was inevitable that the Lexus RZ would eventually get the F Sport treatment, but it seems that the automaker decided to go all out, as it showed off to the rest of the world at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Meet the mad RZ450e F Sport Performance, and yes, this will go on sale in Japan, albeit in limited quantities (100 units), to be decided by a raffle-style draw.

It may not have any power enhancement, but the weight loss is more than enough. PHOTOS FROM LEXUS

To get the obvious out of the way, Lexus has given it insane bodykit that aids with aerodynamics, mostly made of carbon fiber to help keep weight down. This includes the hood, a dual rally-style spoiler, a front splitter, a rear diffuser, fenders, and mirrors. Even the electrochromic glass roof is swapped for a carbon-fiber roof.

Just look at all of that carbon fiber bodywork. PHOTOS FROM LEXUS

It also rides on staggered matte-black 21-inch Enkei alloy wheels that hide bright-blue Lexus brake calipers. As for this special white-black-blue finish, it’s called Black and Hakugin, inspired by the world of light and shadow.

Thankfully, the interior hasn't been stripped down. PHOTOS FROM LEXUS

Inside, the black-and-blue color scheme continues all across the cabin, alongside an aluminum scuff plate and pedals. Otherwise, nothing too fancy inside.

Performance-wise, it’s still underpinned by the same dual-motor configuration with 308hp and 434.8Nm, powered by a 71.4kWh battery. The lighter weight from all the carbon bits should make things more sprightly, and the suspension has been tuned by race car driver Masahiro Sasaki.

We're glad the F Sport marque will live on in the electrified world. PHOTO FROM LEXUS

As mentioned earlier, the way to purchase one of these bad boys is decided via lottery, and the car will go on sale in late March. The asking price is about ¥11,800,000 (P4,543,000), which isn’t cheap. But if anything, this only shows good things for the future of the Lexus F marque as it will continue to exist in other ways in electrified form.

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