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This cat playing with a cardboard Toyota Prius will calm you

What is it about cars and pets that is so relaxing to look at?

Awww...how can anyone not share this? INSTAGRAM POST BY TOYOTA JAPAN

I won’t claim to be a huge animal lover. I don’t even own one right now. The last time I had a pet was in third grade, and it broke my heart because the poor dog became rabid and died in harrowing conditions. I haven’t personally looked after an animal since then.

In spite of the traumatic experience, I’ve secretly harbored a fondness for furry, four-legged creatures, quietly admiring them in the myriad of videos and photos scattered in cyberspace. It was this soft spot for pets that made me publish a compilation of Instagram photos showing Ford Broncos and dogs last year, for instance.

And so when I saw these images posted to Instagram by Toyota Japan a few days ago, I just knew I had to share them. These pics show an adorable kitten playing with a cardboard Prius. I have no idea what these pictures are for or about—the caption is in Japanese—but I’m not even interested to know. The photos are more than enough to put a smile on my face.

I hope they are for you as well.

These photos make us want to get a pet. INSTAGRAM POST BY TOYOTA JAPAN

Vernon B. Sarne

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