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Lancia Delta gets the Manhart treatment

Tuner says it’s a way to remember what the brand used to be

Manhart's take on the Lancia Delta is beautifully subtle. PHOTO FROM MANHART

Last year saw the debut of the new logo and design language of Lancia. Just like most of the industry, the automaker is gearing up for a future that is heavy on electrification. It is still unclear if the storied brand will make performance cars, so German tuner Manhart has just created a reminder of what the Italian firm used to be.

Only one Integrale 400 exists for now, but Manhart can create another one upon request. PHOTOS FROM MANHART

It’s called the Integrale 400, and it is a homage to the Delta that brought Lancia so much success in the world of rallying. The engine is rebuilt with forged pistons and stronger connecting rods that can take all the boost from the Manhart turbo kit. Combined with a performance intake, a bigger radiator, and a 3.5-inch exhaust system, this upgraded Delta sings to the tune of 370hp. Not quite 400hp, but it is significantly more than the stock motor’s 197hp.

Those OZ Racing wheels are the perfect choice for this restomod. PHOTOS FROM MANHART

Putting all that power to the ground is a rally-spec five-speed manual transmission with a Sachs clutch. The Integrale 400 also benefits from adjustable KW V3 coilovers for sharper handling. Hiding behind the 17-inch OZ Racing wheels are large Brembo brakes for better stopping power.

Thankfully, Manhart did not go overboard with the interior. PHOTOS FROM MANHART

Thankfully, most of the upgrades have been limited to the Integrale 400’s mechanical guts. Aside from the above-mentioned wheels, this Delta’s exterior is enhanced by an Evo-style roof spoiler. Inside, a Manhart instrument cluster, steering wheel, and shifter preserve the Lancia’s rally-inspired cabin.

The Integrale 400's engine benefits from forged internals. PHOTO FROM MANHART

It appears that Manhart has one vehicle for sale on its online shop. The Integrale 400 you see here is, so far, the only one in existence, and it retails for 129,900 (P7.9 million). But if this car doesn’t suit you, you may contact the tuning firm to make one that will match your personal taste.

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